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Food Safety Supervisor Training Requirements


Who can be a Food Safety Supervisor and what is their role?

Anyone, including the business owner, food licence holder, an employee or an external contractor can be a Food Safety Supervisor for a business provided they meet the required competencies and are reasonably available at times when the business is operating.

The Food Safety Supervisor's role is to lead and provide guidance to other staff in a food business on matters of food safety. Apart from being required to hold certain qualifications they must also:

  • have the ability to supervise food handling practices in the food business;
  • be reasonably available at all times the food business is operating; and
  • have the authority to supervise and give instructions to food handlers.


What training does a Food Safety Supervisor need to undertake?

A Food Safety Supervisor must have a Statement of Attainment issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the competencies identified in the table below.

  Minimum Competency Standards for Food Safety Supervisors

Suitability of Courses

The Food Safety Supervisor program that is offered by the Australian Online College meets the published training requirements for food supervisors in the hospitality, tourism, transport and retail industries in all States and Territories of Australia.

Persons intending to operate as an appointed Food Safety Supervisor in NSW must obtain a NSW Food Safety Supervisor certificate. The Australian Online College can issue these on behalf of the NSW Food Authority. This additional certificate is available for $45 which includes the $30 NSW Government Fee for the issue of the certificate plus a $15 contribution towards the cost of generating, printing, laminating, packing and posting the certificate.

Further Information

If you are employed in the retail, hospitality, transport or distribution industries and need to complete Food Safety Supervisor training then you can find out more about the courses that the Australian Online College has on offer on our Food Safety Supervisor Training page.


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