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What Food Safety Training do you offer?


The Australian Online College currently delivers two (2) nationally recognised food safety training courses.


Safe Food Handling Certificate

Our Food Handling Certificate course is aimed at people who have just commenced a job as a food handler or who are preparing to commence a role in which food handling and food safety training are required. This introductory food safety training course is based on the Nationally Recognised unit of competency SITXOHS002A - Follow workplace hygiene procedures. The course introduces the concepts of food safety by looking at some of the basic principles of hygiene in food preparation areas, personal hygiene and how to identify and act upon situations where safe food handling policy and procedures are not being followed. This training is sometimes referred to as 'Level 1' Food Safety Training. You can follow the link to find out more about our Nationally Recognised Food Handling Certificate Course.

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Food Safety Supervisor Certificate

The second course offered is Food Safety Supervisor Training. Most food businesses in Australia are required to nominate a food safety supervisor in accordance with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards. Food Safety Supervisor training is required for all nominated persons. The course follows on from our basic food handlers certificate course and is based on the unit of competency SITXFSA001A - Implement food safety procedures. This course extends the concepts of the introductory course and delves into the principles of the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards, HACCP and more. Participants in this course are must be able to demonstrate that they are competent in using the range of food preparation equipment found in their workplace. They learn to have a working knowledge of food safety policies and procedures and can apply them consistently and according to organisational policy. Conditions and procedures for ensuring that food is prepared, transported and stored correctly are identified and the procedures for the safe use of single use items are explained. Cleaning and sanitising requirements of equipment, surfaces and utensils used during food handling processes are also identified.  This course is sometimes referred to as 'Level 2' food safety training. You must have completed the 'Level 1' Food Handler's course prior to commencing this course. More information about this course can be found on our Food Safety Supervisor Training page.

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Joshua Walhain
17.12.11, 15:31
Thank you very much for your help. I have been able to process the assessments to print them off.
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