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Why is Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training required?


Alcohol is the most widely used drug in Australian society and whilst it is recognised that the production and consumption of alcoholic products makes a significant contribution to the economy, the problems and harm caused by alcohol abuse present serious problems to the community.  Alcohol consumption has been linked to a wide range of social and economic issues including health issues and lower life expectancy, reduced workplace productivity, accidents, drink driving, violence and other forms of crime.

A 2004 - 2005 study estimated the cost of alcohol abuse to the Australian economy to be $15 billion per year.

Area of Social Impact Estimated Cost
Labour in the workforce (Reduction in work output, absenteeism, premature death, sickness) $3.5B
Healthcare (Medical , hospital, nursing homes, pharmaceuticals, ambulance, road accidents) $4.2B
Crime (Police, criminal courts, prisons, property, insurance) $1.4B
Resources used in abusive consumption $1.7B
Loss of Life $4.1B
Pain and suffering $0.4B
Total $15.3B

It is estimated that these costs could be halved through the use of a range of interventions including education and responsible service of alcohol practices, alcohol taxation, and bans on alcohol advertising.

Government agencies Australia wide have introduced RSA training requirements in response to the problems and costs associated with alcohol abuse. While there has not been a consensus as to how or what RSA training should be conducted there is agreement that RSA training should be conducted in all jurisdictions.

The Australian Online College delivers RSA training which meets the requirements of QLD, NT, SA and WA. The other States have specific requirements which are outlined on our Responsible Service of Alcohol Training - State Requirements page.

If you would like to know more about the responsible service of alcohol that the Australian Online College has available, have a look at our RSA training course information page or enrol in RSA training course now?

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This page is about RSA training and why RSA training is required.


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