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Food Safety Supervisor
Workplace Skills Appraisal Information


The assessment for the Food Safety Supervisor course includes an online / multiple choice component plus an appraisal of the student's skills and knowledge within the  workplace environment. The workplace appraisal can be conducted by any person who already holds a food safety supervisor qualification or alternatively several years experience in food preparation and handling.


Appraisal Requirements

The person completing the workplace appraisal will need to observe the student's performance in the workplace and make written comments based on their observations. In particular, the student will need to be observed calibrating a probe thermometer and operating food preparation machinery within the workplace. It is expected that the appraisal will be completed over several days with several tasks being observed.

The person completing the workplace appraisal will need to provide written comments about the tasks that were observed and confirmation that they were performed to a satisfactory standard.


Assessor Contact

The course assessor is available to provide guidance and information about the appraisal if questions arise. The assessor will contact the person conducting the appraisal when the completed appraisal form is recieved to verify that they actually performed the appraisal.


Verification of Qualification

The person completing the workplace appraisal will be required to verify their qualification to conduct the appraisal by either forwarding a copy of their food safety supervisor qualification or a brief resume detailing their experience in the preparation and handling of food with the completed appraisal.

Alternative Means of Assessment

Students who do not have ready access to a workplace supervisor can request an alternative assessment. This is normally done via an in-depth face-to-face or telephone interview with the student.

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Joshua Walhain
17.12.11, 15:31
Thank you very much for your help. I have been able to process the assessments to print them off.
I found your on-line course for RSA and OGLR f...
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